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hello! amy (buxiban/gina) here and it’s been who knows how long since i’ve made one of these (i mean that literally i cannot find my first follower forever >__<) but i hit my next k and i want to highlight some of the amazing friends+senpais that have kept me on this site for three years OTL. you should honestly follow every single one of these blogs because i can be rather picky since it’s hard to find people who post graphics but these are all koala tea k :D along with the rest of my blogroll 

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is so pretty and I’m so honored to be included among these senpais sobs ٩(꒦ິȏ꒦ິ)۶


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"I received a lot of questions about this. Truthfully, I haven’t watched “Triangle”. I was overseas most of the time so I didn’t have the chance to watch it in detail. But when I returned to the country, I watched it a bit and I liked seeing how (he) worked hard. I’m thankful that it will make a good impact on Night Watchman as well."

Yunho when asked about Jaejoong’s work in Triangle.

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Anonymous:bless you and your photoshop skills ♡♡

Hehe thank you anon-chan, bless your nice and kind soul too ♥♥♥

Anonymous:hi i'm sorry to bother you but i was just wondering where you get your stock photos from? there used to a bigass resource site i could go to back in the day but apparently it closed down a couple months back. i'm slowly going back to photoshop but things aren't as i remember them anymore lol. mind helping an old soul out?

Hello! I used to go to pscs5 but it seems like the site hasn’t been updated for months now. Now I just go to chaoticresourcesjackiesresourcesyeahps for resources, and then I also check out the blogs that these resource sites reblogged from (it’s likely that they do post series after series of textures that those resource blogs didn’t share). Sometimes blogs like these are also good starting places for me to get raw nature stock pictures, I think? And oh yesss, deviantart has lots of stock photos and textures too :) Hope that helped!! ♥