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Hey! Sorry for the absence…I’m not sure whether to continue this blog anymore so I took some time off to think about it :P but wooow feels like forever since i last logged into this account even though it’s only been a month lolol! But i’m still alive, well and kicking so no worries!! <3

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I edit my graphics the way it is NOT because I wanted notes. I can assure you, I have NEVER once worry about how many notes I’ll get when I’m on PS editing my graphics. The primary intention of my edits is very much meant to be a stress-reliever in my life, not a crowd pleaser that adds on to my stress.

I edit the way I edit because I like it. It’s as simple as that. My edits are, most of the time, simple because I like to leave them open for interpretation. That is the one thing I truly truly truly love about art (if you’re my rl friend or somehow seen my, you would know). It’s my style, I like the way they sit in my blog, and I don’t see the point in changing it every now and then just to fit other people’s tastes or to get notes.

That is all. Don’t overthink things too much :)

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As we all know, the Cassiopeia fandom on tumblr is not as large as it once was and so we often hear people saying that there aren’t enough edits/fanart/fanfics of DBSK on this site.

Anyone who does edit/write/draw knows that the lack of inspiration and motivation is a big problem. Therefore, to inspire all those creative bloggers out there we are dedicating a week to DBSK art. (I’ve actually taken this idea from other fandoms so they get all the credit).

In the 7 days starting from 3rd March - 9th March 2014, a theme/prompt will be provided for each day that you can base your art around. Do not feel pressured to stick to it, the way you interpret the theme is entirely up to you.

List of Prompts

Fan fiction, fan art, GIF sets, poetry, edits, graphics… anything to express your creativity.

Just remember to tag your creation #dbskweek within the first 5 tags (or it won’t show up) and even if you’re not participating remember to check/track the tag to see everyone’s work!

 If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

Good luck and spread the word!

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“The way sunlight danced on her fingers, or how she tucked her hair behind her ear. Her voice when she was happy… I could feel it melting through my fingers. Her eyes were passionate when she spoke about what she loved. Her heartbeat was the melody to my existence. Some people are beautiful like that… They just are.”

A stranger I overheard the other day. (via 33113)

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february, the month of the violets. happy birthday changmin~! 
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