Anonymous :
hey, you are adorable and i want to hug you. :( /puts you to my main bookmark bar so you're not inside the arrows. i need to visit so much more often!

omg why so sweet and kind anon-chan!!! reveal your beautiful magnificent self to me now!!


Anonymous :
omggg. creeeppyyyy. like you're the second singgaporean i've met online like on tumblr, and small world ayyeeeee. but yeah. i'm kinda simultaneously creeped out and a little drawn by that, gosh. that'll probably make me visit more, i guess, hee./cuddles.

haha that’s true, i haven’t really seen a lot of singaporeans here apart from a couple of cassies and my rl friends! hehehe yaaaaas never leave tumblr <3

mooseok → episode 14

Shim Changmin | Cosmopolitan Magazine

changmin for cosmopolitan


DBSK Week Day 1 : Your bias → 김재중

What are your favorite words?

Light’ and ‘Heaven’. Both of them feel bright, but then they can also be used as a dark meaning.